so yeah it’s halloween today, which means it’s vampire sushi’s 9th birthday! i know there was a birthday sale all october but i kind of forgot to promo it much or do much else distro related because i was so busy with my actual halloween plans (i went to glasgow for a local weekend for bands and dancing and drag queens, and i just got back today and i feel like death that was warmed over and has gone lukewarm again) so anyway, BIRTHDAY SALE IS EXTENDED TIL END OF NOVEMBER. 11% of with the code BOOVEMBER


IT’S OCTOBER TOMORROW! which means it will be vampire sushi distro’s birthday month! we’ll have been open for NINE WHOLE YEARS on october 31st. oh wow.

so to celebrate, we shall be doing a little BIRTHDAY SALE = 10% off all orders with the code SPOOKTOBER until the end of the month. i might also be slipping in some unknown extra treats while we’re at it.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – FIVE BY FIVE – a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine

last year at Glasgow Zine Fest, while tabling and reading through Never Kill a Boy on the First Date, i thought to myself “is there such a thing as too many Buffy fanzines? oh hell no.” and then “HEY! What about Faith?” and i thought to myself i should make a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine, and i told a bunch of people who came to the vampire sushi table, and everyone thought it was a great idea, and then i did nothing about. but now i have, here is a call for submissions!


– a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine
because why should Buffy get all the love and attention?
we’re looking for anything Faith Lehane related, really. fan art, essays, lists, fanfic, w/e – SEND IT OUR WAY to zines@vampiresushi.co.uk

deadline november 11th

some topic suggestions:

Faith & queer rage/betrayal

in defense of Faith

a drawing of ^ that scene of Faith sniffing that knife

‘go ask malice’, the diaries of Faith Lehane

Angel & Faith comics

how This Years Girl/Who Are You are A LOT especially when you read being a slayer as a metaphore for being queer.


NEW IN STOCK = dirty lesbians, forever incomplete #8, forever incomplete #9, from spice girls to riot grrrls, same heartbeats, different worlds #12, same heartbeats, different worlds #13, scorpio moon #6, the ballad of maxwell demon

i don’t know why it has taken me so long to do this update (i’ve had all the new stock since swindon zine fest) but maybe it’s been because i’m starting to work from home next week and i’ve been busy trying to get the flat ready for this big change? i’ve had to move furniture and make space for another desk from the office for another computer and it’s not been as simple as one would assume, especially when you’re me and some simple tasks are sometimes impossible. and i’m also scared i’m going to turn into a fully fledged hermit when i won’t have to leave the house for work. (maybe you should order zines from me to get me out of the house to the post office, *wink wink nudge nudge*)