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we have some new zines in stock and some old faves back in stock. we had a sweet care package from maranda containing copies of issues 36 – 42 of telegram, and we also took delivery of the latest issue five of sonorus, everyone’s favourite feminist harry potter fanzine!

also, the zine workshop that was supposed to happen yesterday at intra was sadly cancelled last minute due to the weather (lousy smarch weather) and it has been rescheduled to Saturday 31st March. (facebook event page)

updating this at the moment is a huge pain in the butt as our computer decided to die on Thursday (just in time for drag race all stars finale. i still haven’t seen it and i’m not sure when i will at this rate, the struggle is incredibly real) and typing on my phone is not great and wordpress isn’t the easiest thing to navigate on a small screen. still can dispatch orders just fine, don’t you worry. hopefully we’ll get a new soon and things can get back to normal, whatever that is.

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hey i know this is a bit last minute notice (again)but i’m helping run a zine course / workshop at INTRA tomorrow (Saturday 17th march) with Confluence Medway (fb page) it’s the first of 3 sessions and they are free, but spaces are limited so please contact Confluence if you’d like to attend. (but you can also just show up)

Saturday 17th March at 11:00–14:00
INTRA, 337 – 341 High Street, ME1 1DA Rochester, Medway

Facebook Event

Our next series of zine-making workshops are at INTRA starting on on 17 March. The three workshops will guide you in making your own pamphlet or zine. The first workshop will introduce you to what a zine is, the second workshop will be guiding you in getting contents together for your own zine/pamphlet and concentrating on editing and layout. The final workshop will deal with printing it.  (Dates: 17 March, 8 April, 12 May.)

   Once you have attended these workshops you will be able to use the printing facilities to work on your own zines in our monthly drop-in open afternoon sessions which happen on the same day as the workshop.

   Places are free but space is limited, so please email if you want to attend. One further series of zine-making workshops for people under 25 will be held in June/July/August, follow the Confluence page on Facebook for regular updates.


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for every copy of YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL #24 / MYTHOLOGISING ME #13 split zine sold before March 11th we are going to donate £1 (that’s half) towards Northwest Zinefest‘s POC/Queer/NB/Trans/Disabled zinesters table fund which is to help fund tables for marginalised makers to enable accessibility for them. you can get your copy of the zine here.

and you can find out more about the fund here, on the NWZF twitter feed and on the applications page

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hey i know this is a bit last minute notice but i’m helping run a zine course / workshop at INTRA tomorrow (sunday 10th december) with Confluence Medway (fb page) it’s the first of 3 sessions and they are free, but spaces are limited so please contact Confluence if you’d like to attend.

Sunday 20th December at 11:00–14:00
INTRA, 337 – 341 High Street, ME1 1DA Rochester, Medway

This is the first of 3 workshops which will guide you in making your own pamphlet or zine. This workshop will be introducing you to what a zine is, and starting to get contents together for your own zine/pamphlet. We will do creative writing exercises and create a group zine as an example. Further workshops will deal with laying out a zine and printing it. (Next workshops on Sat 27 Jan and Sun 18 Feb). Once you have attended these workshops you will be able to use the printing facilities in our monthly drop-in open afternoon sessions.
Places are free but space is limited, so message us if you want to attend.

more information at Confluence Medway website:

if you can’t make this first session, you can still join us for parts 2 & 3 without attending part 1, however please keep in mind part 2 focuses on editing & layout and part 3 on printing itself so maybe start thinking of / making your contents in the meantime. need help, let us know x

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hi everyone! it’s been a while. we’ve been here for the last four months, just not been up to anything new and being bad at self promoting existing things (what else is new?)

on halloween it was the distro’s 8th birthday! but we didn’t do anything to celebrate, oops. is it too late to do like a birthday sale? if it is, i don’t care cos here’s one = you can have 8% off your order with the code OOPSL8BIRTHDAY until the end of november.

and in other news i finally got around to updating the website and sorting out this small pile zines i had sitting around waiting to be added on the website for an unspecified amount of time (lets not talk about how long that is…)

BACK IN STOCK: the unchosen ones.
kind of NEW IN STOCK but really BACK IN STOCK AFTER A LONG LONG TIME: feeling alone #1, feeling alone #2, milk and apples #3, on being unusual, summer survival, we are adventurers #1

in similar news i’m gonna get my shit together and get some more brand new exciting stock in soon i swear, keep your eyes peeled!

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OH MY GOSH. we have so much new stuff from Weirdo Zine Fest and stuff we got in preparation for the zine fest (there was still a little bit left afterwards) and got some great zine back in stock too, and i made some nice prints and stickers you might like? i’ve also included things that were new since the last post like this.

NEW ZINES = the common cold, fanzine ynfytyn #23, fanzine ynfytyn #24, fanzine ynfytyn #28, just go on the pill, light light sleep #1, move under yr own power, opinionated nobody #9, opinionated nobody #9.5, poly/not poly, real life poly problems, thanks for your concern but that’s just my face, the unchosen ones, versions of violence, your pretty face is going straight to hell #23.5

BACK IN STOCK = hard femme #1, hard femme #2, hard femme #3, never kill a boy on the first date, your pretty face is going straight to hell #24/mythologising me #13.

NEW OTHER STUFF = cry baby a4 risograph print, it’s ok to not be amazing a4 risograph print, stay weird vinyl sticker, zinester knuckles vinyl sticker.

also, i know we’re already 2/3 into july, but here’s a little discount code to celebrate International Zine Month, get 7% off your order with the code IZM2017.

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OMG YES WEIRDO ZINE FEST IS THIS WEEKEND (saturday 15th july) at Sutton House and Breaker’s Yard, in London.

Weirdo Zine Fest is a self-publishing fair celebrating DIY cultural production by radical and marginalised people. Preference for tables goes to women, queers, POC, disabled people, trans people, fat people, sex workers and anyone who is otherwise marginalised.

The first fair was last year at DIY Space for London and it’s back for a second year in collaboration with Sutton House and Breaker’s Yard in Hackney! This year’s fair will include 20+ stallholders and an afterparty!

Apples to Zines
Queer Arcana
That’s How It Feels For Me
Eliza Agar Press
Lindsay Draws
Sick Fucks
Charlotte Cooper and Simon Murphy
Rachael House/Red Hanky Panky
Forever Incomplete
It Snipped My Heart (Nova Cox and Kate Dansette)
Chisel Tip zine
Dysphoria Collective
Sister Ectoplasma Distro –
Cross Words Zines –
Vampire Sushi Distro
Synchronise Witches Press
Cool Schmool Zines –
Jacob V Joyce –
Fanzine La Raya –

There will be a bar from 15.00.

Afterparty starts at 8:00! There will be space to hang about and drink between the end of the fair and the start of the afterparty.

A lovely gig ft
Suggested Friends
The Potentials
Cat Apostrophe (solo)
+ some zine readings probably! for more info

Entry to just the zine fair is free. Normal admission charges apply to visit the zine fair and the historic rooms. There will be a School of Anarchy exhibition throughout the house. Price of admission will also cover entry to the after party in the evening.

The National Trust is a charity, Sutton House is giving this space for free, if you wish to support the preservation of this important community space, please consider paying the admission charge if you are able to.

The zine fair and afterparty will be on the ground floor, which is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately the historic rooms are not wheelchair accessible. We have an accessible toilet which is also designated gender neutral – a first for the National Trust.

Sutton House Queered
Built in 1535 by Tudor Statesman Ralph Sadlier, Sutton House is the oldest domestic building in Hackney. Throughout its almost 500 year history, the house has been a boys’ school, a girls’ school, a church institute, offices, and a squat. The house is now owned by the National Trust, and has a strong focus on working with the local community. Sutton House was the first National Trust property to celebrate LGBT History Month, and the first to introduce a gender neutral toilet. Sutton House Queered is a year- long programme that aims to question and disrupt, to challenge and celebrate. Much like Sutton House’s varied and colourful history, Queer is fluid and ever-changing, and presents a great opportunity for us to explore the National Trust’s Prejudice and Pride theme, marking the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.

School of Anarchy
In April 1985 a group of 8 squatters made Sutton House their home. They sent a letter to local residents which read:
“As you’ve probably noticed, something is happening at Sutton House- several of us have moved in and are hoping to convert it into a kind of community centre.”
They proposed opening the house to the public, running a café and arts and craft workshops for local community members. They renamed their new home ‘The Blue House’ and hosted rock concerts here. This short but colourful era in Sutton House’s unusual history lasted less than a year, but has left its mark on how we run today, the community are at the heart of everything we do. As well as decorating the house with vibrant graffiti art, some of which is retained today, the squatters wrote anti-fascist, anti-Thatcher and feminist political slogans on the doors of the rooms. Sutton House’s strong activist roots have inspired our Summer of Anarchy, which will explore LGBTQ activism.



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this sunday (july 9th) we’re going to be lending a helping hand at the SICK! Zine Workshop at INTRA in rochester, kent.


SUNDAY JULY 9th 2017
@ INTRA, 337-341 High Street, Rochester, ME1 1DA


A workshop for those affected by invisible illnesses – guiding you to express yourself through words, images or collage to create a collaborative zine on this theme. Led by artist and printmaker Xtina Lamb, your contributions will be compiled into a small DIY publication – a ‘zine’, to be printed on INTRA’s Risograph machine. The zine will be available free to visitors of the Sick! exhibition at Sun Pier House in Chatham, Kent in August.

We’ll supply collage materials, typewriters (old school!), drawing supplies, glue, and will have lots of ideas to get you thinking about the ways you could contribute to the zine. Bring along any extra materials you’d particularly like to use to create the pages, or if you have sketchbooks or notebooks of writing – those would be great for the workshop too. But you don’t need to be a fantastic artist or an accomplished poet to take part, if you have experiences of invisible illness (either from your own ill health or those close to you), we would love to include your contributions.

Please choose the morning or afternoon session.