CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – FIVE BY FIVE – a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine

last year at Glasgow Zine Fest, while tabling and reading through Never Kill a Boy on the First Date, i thought to myself “is there such a thing as too many Buffy fanzines? oh hell no.” and then “HEY! What about Faith?” and i thought to myself i should make a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine, and i told a bunch of people who came to the vampire sushi table, and everyone thought it was a great idea, and then i did nothing about. but now i have, here is a call for submissions!


– a Faith the Vampire Slayer fanzine
because why should Buffy get all the love and attention?
we’re looking for anything Faith Lehane related, really. fan art, essays, lists, fanfic, w/e – SEND IT OUR WAY to

deadline november 11th

some topic suggestions:

Faith & queer rage/betrayal

in defense of Faith

a drawing of ^ that scene of Faith sniffing that knife

‘go ask malice’, the diaries of Faith Lehane

Angel & Faith comics

how This Years Girl/Who Are You are A LOT especially when you read being a slayer as a metaphore for being queer.