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so we went to Sheffield Zine Fest and we came back with a bunch of new stock as usual! also we got some new stuff for the zine fest and some of it arrived afterwards ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also a bunch of stuff is back in stock!!!

NEW STOCK: barren, brick, conductors of the metaphysical examination, don’t f**cking touch me stickers, fault & fracture #4 (i had to go and forget one of the zines from the photo and now it’s too bloody dark to retake), hedgehog in the fog #10, itch scratch, mythologising me #12 / say hi and wave #3, scorpio moon #3, someone somewhere #1, sonorus #4, telegram #40, telegram #41, telegram #42.

BACK IN STOCK: hedgehog in the fog #7, hedgehog in the fog #8, here. in my head #15, here. in my head #16, scorpio moon #1, scorpio moon #2, scratch that itch #4, your pretty face is going straight to hell #19, your pretty face is going straight to hell #21, your pretty face is going straight to hell #23.

in other news, i’m tabling at GRRRL ZINE FAIR this sunday (march 12th) at Moth Club in Hackney, London (facebook event) see you there yeah?

ps. happy late international women’s day!

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phew! just finished a massive update of TWENTY EIGHT NEW ZINES. i’ve had a busy spring of zine fests (sheffield zine fest, london radical bookfair, and diy cultures) u was also supposed to be tabling at North West Zine Fest on june 18th but unfortunately i’ve had to pull out due to travel costs + being broke irl. u was super looking forward to it and not being able to go really sucks. you should go though if you can! it’ll be great!

in other news i’m having a little birthday sale until June 26th cos a) that’s my’s birthday (yay) and b) few days later, i’m off to finland for 2 weeks and won’t be filling any orders while out there eating all the ice cream and splashing around in a lake yay. so yeah, until june 26th you can have 10% off your order with the code KOTISEUDULLEPOHJOISKARJALAAN2016 (i’m sorry/notsorry i love long ridiculous discount codes of finnish phrases)


NEW IN STOCK: a whisper or a shout #1, autoclave heart #4, autoclave heart #5, cassandra petaghast is not my girlfriend, d & d virgin #1, d & d virgin #2, d & d virgin #3, fault & fracture #3, fault & fracture #2, fucked, 2 fucked 2 furious, gaun yersel, gone camping, mae danger #1 , mythologising me #11, opinionated nobody #8, our victory line #1, rum lad #5,  salutatorian #1, salutatorian #2, salutatorian #3, salutatorian #4, salutatorian #5, salutatorian #6, salutatorian #7, scorpio moon #2, telegram #39, tempest in a teacup #6, variation under nature. +++ a bunch of new 5″ x 7″ prints by tukru.





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NEW IN STOCK: bitter feels: a non-binary femme affirmation zine, critical breakfast #1 / telegram #38, what is left: a zine about grief.

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NEW IN STOCK: flourish #1, flourish #2, forever incomplete #4, here. in my head #17, motor city kitty #23, motor city kitty #24, motor city kitty #25, motor city kitty #26, motor city kitty #27, say hi and wave #1, say hi and wave #2, scratch that itch #5, sonorus #3, scorpio moon #1, tritch witch, your pretty face is going straight to hell #23, vampire sushi #6,  zinester’s retreat.

BACK IN STOCK: mythologising me #10, scratch that itch #3, scratch that itch #4, tempest in a teacup #7.

we came home from Weirdo Zine Fest with a bunch of new zines and some more of older ones! and we got some in the post beforehand too. actually not all of it has arrived yet *glares at overseas postage being so pricy and slow* but soon? anyway Weirdo Zine Fest was amazing *waves hello to everyone i saw there, and everyone i missed* hope there is another one some day. sadly we have no solid zine fest plans for the future, yet. (we are on the waiting list for Glasgow Zine Fest though.. fingers crossed someone can’t make it, we haven’t been to glasgow in approx forever = over a year)

as you may have noticed, we finally finished editing our birthday zine Vampire Sushi #6! turns out it’s extra hard when it’s 99% not by us. we had lots of awesome submissions, more than we really knew what to do with.

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hello. it’s been a while since our last update. unfortunately life’s got in the way a bit (supposedly) and we still haven’t put the birthday compilation together. it will still be happening though, honest! hopefully next week?

but in the meantime here’s some ziney events this month! unfortunately we won’t personally be at either of them due to a combination of having to do the day job + not being able to afford travels. we had a table at future library but we had to cancel.. anyway, you should go though if you can!

Reading DIY Radical Zine Fair
saturday 12th december, 1pm til 6pm (gig afterwards)
at jacksons, 1-9 king’s road, READING, RG1 3AS

Future Library Publishing Fair
saturday 19th december, 2pm til 7pm
at Open School East, 43 De Beauvoir Road, LONDON, N1 5SQ

NEW IN STOCK = forever incomplete #3, here. in my head #16, sonorus #3
BACK IN STOCK = here. in my head #14, here. in my head #15, autoclave heart #2, autoclave heart #3.

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post zinefesting update with LOTS OF NEW ZINES ♥ ♥ ♥

oh my, it’s been a busy few weeks! first we tabled at DIY Cultures in london and then Northwest Zine Fest. both were excellent, though hopefully next year they’re not so close together, all this zine festing has been kind of exhausting. but we’ve come home with a buttload of new zines, and we’ve finally managed to add them all on here.
NEW IN STOCK: autoclave heart #1, being unusual, forever incomplete #2, forever incomplete #2.5, hard femme #3, kitchen-free cookbook, lipstick and jellybeans, milk and apples #4, milk and apples #5, milk and apples #6, mythologising me #10, rumlad #8, summer survival, telegram #35, telegram #36, telegram #37, your pretty face is going straight to hell #21
BACK IN STOCK: forever incomplete #1, here. in my head #15, scratch that itch #4, sonorus #1.
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NEW ZINES + your pretty face #21 pre-orders…

oh noes. i can’t believe how long it has taken us to update the website with all the new zines we acquired at sheffield zine fest last month D: but it’s finally done, with just some descriptions missing (what else is new?)



in other news, we have TWO fabulous zine fests we will be tabling at in the end of May = DIY Cultures in london and Northwest Zine Fest in manchester. also your distro mistress tukru is currently taking pre-orders for Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell #21, it will be done in time for the zine fests. it will mostly be about moving to our new home / headquarters. (she’s already got 30 pages cut & pasted ready to go so it will be done very soon) just paypal £3 to (preferably as a personal payment with your address in the notes) she’s kinda broke as heck so it would be nice if you could help out (also ordering from the distro helps, though generally distro funds go to more stock, but these are hard times!)

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new-zinesi guess we kinda tend to hibernate in november/december time (daytime job in retail doesn’t help) and it takes the month of january to get back to normal? who knows.

first of all, we now have an instagram account = @vampiresushidistro if you wanna follow it for whatever reason. we’ll try to post pictures there of new stock and from zine events, could be fun! in other news, we finally managed to properly update the website with some new (& back in stock) zines that have been lingering in our stock box for a while, since the last zine fests and stuff.

NEW IN STOCK: hard femme #2, sonorus #2, vampire sushi V, working class queers #1.
BACK IN STOCK: hard femme #1, sonorus #1.

in zine fest news, it was announced last week that SHEFFIELD ZINE FEST is back on March 14th!! *does a happy dance* we’ve sent off our table application; fingers crossed, cannot wait! it was also announced that this years DIY CULTURES will be on 24th May at the Rich Mix in London. we’ve sent off our table application there too. i’m still gutted we couldn’t make it last year; we were just way too busy packing for our big move D:

Zine Fair Brighton is also coming up on 22nd February, but unfortunately we won’t be there cos a) we’re broke and despite brighton being very not that far, it’s an expensive pain to get to on public transport from chatham (have to go up to london and then come down again.) and b) we missed out on the tables anyway, they’re all gone now. but if you can get to brighton on 22nd, you should totally go! i’m sure it’ll be a good time. and speaking of zine fests we cant make it to…. InZine Fest III on 21st March in Coventry unfortunately we won’t make it there either due to £££, distance and the fact it’s too close to some other plans (sleater-kinney..) but once again, if you can get there, you should do it. no such thing as too many zine fests!