hey hey hey, we are going to be at Weirdo Zine Fest THIS SATURDAY 9th FEBRUARY 2019 in Leeds! it’s gonna be great. and just so you know, we will not be there under the name Vampire Sushi, because i am in the process of changing the name. i mean i’ve changed the social media handles and bought a new domain, and i’m in the process of trying to get the website ready for a proper launch, but i’ve been too busy for the last few weeks (finishing a new zine, sorting out new stock in time for the zine fest, going to canterbury to see & meet miz cracker, general life stuff..) but it’s happening, and i’ll announce it properly as soon as it’s ready to go! but yes, look out for VAMPIRE HAG DISTRO at Weirdo Zine Fest!

9th FEBRUARY 2019 from 12:00-17:00
Room 700, Leeds Central Library, Calverley St, Leeds LS1 3AB

Hello world! Facebook decided to delete the original Weirdo Zine Fest because of what I suspect is targeted reporting so there’s now a new event for this which needs sharing AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

Weirdo Zine Fest is a self-publishing fair celebrating DIY cultural production by radical and marginalised people. Preference for tables goes to women, queers, people of colour, disabled people, trans people, fat people, sex workers and anyone who is otherwise marginalised.

This year’s fair will be held in Room 700, Leeds Central Library, between 12 and 5pm. There will be 28 stallholders, selling zines, art and merch.

Samra Mayanja
Apples to Zines
Cool Schmool Zines
Cross Words Zines
Gears For Queers
Girl Gang Leeds
Heart of Hearts zines
Kitty Collector zines
Kraken & Crow
Lindsay Draws
Molly Pukes
Our Victory Line
Someone Somewhere
Susie Rumsby
Paloma Armás Front
Will Be Betrayed
York Queer Women and Gender Group
Zines and Ting
F R Kesby
ALQ (Autistic Leftwing Queer)
melão brando
Synchronise Witches Press
Tender Hands Press
Trash Kitten Creations
vampire sushi distro / your pretty face is going straight to hell
Brown Girls Do It
Chella Quint

Accessibility info is available on the council’s website here:
Please feel free to message me with any additional questions and I’ll get them answered ASAP.

The space for this fair has been provided by the lovely folks at Leeds Zine Library! Here’s some info about them:
Leeds Zine Library is an archive and reference library of contemporary zines. Browse through our ever growing collection of DIY publications made by local and UK zine makers. zines on a wealth of subjects including books, art, society and politics. Submit zines to Leeds Zine Library, Leeds Central Library, Calverly Street, Leeds LS1 3AB
@leedslibraries #LeedsZineLibrary