IT’S OCTOBER TOMORROW! which means it will be vampire sushi distro’s birthday month! we’ll have been open for NINE WHOLE YEARS on october 31st. oh wow.

so to celebrate, we shall be doing a little BIRTHDAY SALE = 10% off all orders with the code SPOOKTOBER until the end of the month. i might also be slipping in some unknown extra treats while we’re at it.


NEW IN STOCK = dirty lesbians, forever incomplete #8, forever incomplete #9, from spice girls to riot grrrls, same heartbeats, different worlds #12, same heartbeats, different worlds #13, scorpio moon #6, the ballad of maxwell demon

i don’t know why it has taken me so long to do this update (i’ve had all the new stock since swindon zine fest) but maybe it’s been because i’m starting to work from home next week and i’ve been busy trying to get the flat ready for this big change? i’ve had to move furniture and make space for another desk from the office for another computer and it’s not been as simple as one would assume, especially when you’re me and some simple tasks are sometimes impossible. and i’m also scared i’m going to turn into a fully fledged hermit when i won’t have to leave the house for work. (maybe you should order zines from me to get me out of the house to the post office, *wink wink nudge nudge*)

it’s the end of international zine month :( + new zines, yay!

it’s the end of international zine month! where did it disappear??

anyway, here’s a little distro update of 6 new zines (well, one is back in stock.)

NEW IN STOCK = don’t tell daddy, fanzine ynfytyn #30, fanzine ynfytyn #31, keep it clean, move under yr own power #2.

BACK IN STOCK = fanzine ynfytyn #28.

we’ve also got some events coming up next month but i’ll tell you about those next time x

(and remember the 18% discount code IZM18 still works until midnight tonight = 31st july)

PROCESS! at Somerset House (we’re there on SUNDAY)

we’ll be at PROCESS! at somerset house THIS SUNDAY 22nd July. (just sunday, sadly we’re only there on sunday)

PROCESS at Somerset House

21 – 22 Jul 2018
Saturday 11.00-20.00
Sunday 11.00-17.00
River Rooms
& Lancaster Rooms


Somerset House & Somerset House Studios residents OOMK, present PROCESS!, a two day festival celebrating independent media & making, bringing together established & emerging designers, artists, activists & publishers to explore, interrogate & share approaches to creative & collaborative process. In the context of high speed media & access to infinite information, how do we create time, space & approaches that can enable us to process the social & political climate & create new media and outputs?

This unique weekend, includes 80 zine fair exhibitors, 5 talks, 4 workshops 2 live demo documentations, a zine library commission & communal call out open to all. Each strand will highlight different processes behind organising, designing & publishing, whilst consciously considering developments in interdependent industry, digital reach & opportunities for international relations & all round participation.

PLEASE NOTE: Each ticket enables you to attend PROCESS! for up to three hours and will give you access to the events taking place during your three hour session on a first come first served basis.

Please be aware that some artworks and opinions expressed may not be suitable for all visitors.



PROCESS! Daily Zine Fair Exhibitors

Meet the makers, browse and buy into independent publications from artists, studios, collectives presses and distributers.


Tender Hands Press / Publication Studio London / Beat / Book Works / Shy Radicals / Cool Schmool Zines / Rope Press / Erin Aniker & We Are Here / Mark Pawson / Brigid Elva / Rachel Littlewood / Accumulate / LCBA A6 Books / Chateau International / Variant Space / Black Eye Press / Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives / Evelyn Wangui / Jacob V Joyce / Simon Moreton / Stanley Miller & His Dad / Lunchtime For Wild Youth / BFR Mag / Blue Magazine / Bathysphere Editions / Syrup Mag / Slug Ink Press / Independents United / Soofiya / Hidden Eggs / Chanced Arm / Baguette Trousers / Spud Collective / SEED Editions / Oppose / OOMK / Rabbits Road Press.


Typical Girls / Polyester / Studio Operative / Protest Press / Pen Fight Distro / Skin Deep / Khidr Collective / Jumbo Press / Common Books / ZZZ / Pause / Ariel Finch / Best Practice / YellowZine / Plantain Papers / Aleesha Nandhra / Cat Sims / Gareth Brookes / Aisyah Rais / Sula Collective / Illustrated Self / Consented / Cheer Up Love / Dream Nails / Vampire Sushi Distro / Less Than Five Hundred Press / Obsession Collective / Hook Magazine / Token Magazine / Subject / South Bedfordshire Pictorial / Vagina Denta Zine / Filler Zine / Dead Trees & Dye / Waldren Press / Editorial Facsimile / OOMK / Rabbits Road Press.