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there’s another zine workshop this sunday! (8th april)

Sunday 8th April at 11:00–14:00
INTRA, 337 – 341 High Street, ME1 1DA Rochester, Medway

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more information at previous blog post, and no, it doesn’t matter if you missed the previous session, you are still more than welcome to join us, but please do let us know (if possible)

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so, the workshop on march 17th sadly got cancelled due to snow/weather (lousy smarch wheather) but it has been rescheduled for Saturday 31st March which means we have more time to post more information about it! (small blessings)

Saturday 31st March at 11:00–14:00
INTRA, 337 – 341 High Street, ME1 1DA Rochester, Medway

(facebook event)

from Confluence Medway website:

As part of our Arts Council England funded Confluence: Plan; Grow; Nurture project we are running a series of workshops and open sessions in how to make a zine.

What is a zine? 

A zine is a small hand produced magazine – quite often about a passion of the writer/zine-maker.  It could be a poetry pamphlet, it could be a booklet to tell people about dyslexia, or it could be a pamphlet about the Prisoner (examples from our first course).

It is often produced in a limited edition and hand finished in some way – some examples we’ve seen have knitted or fabric covers. You can be as creative as you want.

Confluence: Plant; Grow; Nurture zine making courses

We have just finished the first 3-session training course in how to make a zine using a printer called a Risograph which can print with coloured inks, and those who attended are now able to drop in to our monthly open afternoon sessions to continue working on their own zines.

Our next 3-session course runs on the mornings of Saturday 31st March, Sunday 8th April and Saturday 12th May, and is in partnership with IMHP. This course is open to everyone, but particularly for people who feel that their mental health and/or wellbeing could benefit from attending and expressing themselves creatively in a zine. Please email us if you’d like a place on this course. (A third course for younger people will run in June/July/August.)

The three workshops will guide you in making your own pamphlet or zine. The first workshop will introduce you to what a zine is, the second workshop will be guiding you in getting contents together for your own zine/pamphlet and concentrating on editing and layout. The final workshop will deal with printing it.

Once you have attended these workshops you will be able to use the printing facilities to work on your own zines in our monthly drop-in open afternoon sessions which happen on the same day as the workshop.

Comments from the first course: 

“I’ve really enjoyed the workshop, learnt from scratch how things become a zine.”

“I’ve learnt how to use the Risograph (printer), something I can continue to use…”

“So great to see people enjoying creative activities in such a fun and relaxed way.”

“It’s long been a dream of mine to put together a zine, I enjoyed this messy, fun experience immensely. The tutors were unbelievably helpful, patient and generous.”

Confluence is also running a creative writing workshop with IMHP every other monday at The Arches Community Space, more info for that on IMHP website

if you can’t make the first session, you can also join us at the 2nd or even 3rd session, it’s not a huge problem. also if you can’t email to book, you can just show up but emailing would be prefered so we know how many people to prepare for, and how many packets of biscuits we should bring <3

come make zines with us!

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we tabled at DIY cultures yesterday and it was good but very busy and a little overwhelming, so i was kind of absolutely knackered afterwards. still kind of am. anyway, i spoke to some newbie zinesters who asked for advice (honestly my advice is mainly just DO IT) and i wished i had managed to print more copies of the practical zine making guide minizine i made for the workshop i did at southbank centre last october as the minizine has a handy practical guide for making the flats for printing, which i think might be the trickiest bit to figure out, since you can make a zine about ANYTHING. so i thought i’d scan it and put it online for all to see and use if they need it. you can also download the guide as a printable pdf in mini zine form HERE or HERE. but i warn you it might not print 100% right cos margins 🙁

hope it’s helpful. now get making zines y’all!


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