actually, it is our birthday today! vampire sushi distro has been open for business for exactly four years today! so we are having a wee sale to celebrate (since we failed at doing a comp zine, again. whoops)


so yes, it is 20% off all orders with code HAPPY4THBIRTHDAY. valid until sunday 3rd november. we’ve also got some new zines in stock! but for now, we are off to the sofa to watch the shining. (tukru isn’t 100% sure anymore whether she has actually seen the whole thing or just seen lots of bits on clip shows. if she has, it was like 15 years ago so it’s excusable that she’s forgotten..)

ps. if you’re in kent (or can be arsed to hop a train / drive down/up) you should get your butt over to canterbury on saturday, cos tukru’s band SEAN BEAN DEATH SCENE is playing at West Track Studios (Roper Road, CT2 7EX) with shopping, family outing & daskinsey4. (facebook event) by the looks of it, it is their last gig til next year.

NEW IN STOCK: poor lass #1, poor lass #2, sonorus #1.