hi kids! big news! well. we’ve had a big overhaul here at vampire sushi and updated the shop system. changed from opencart to woocommerce, if anyone cares about such nerdy technical details. just figuring out all the kinks of a new system, so any problems please let us know!

we’ve got some new zines too. and some events we’ll be at to add to your diary. next of which is AUTUMN ZINE FEST at the fighting cocks in kingston-on-thames (south west greater london) on sunday 20th october. it’ll be good times. it’s been way too long since we’ve been to a zine fest! if you’re organizing anything ziney and we haven’t applied, do let us know! even if we can’t make it, we’ll help you spread the word and post about it somewhere (here or on our tumblr or twitter)


NEW ZINES IN STOCK: here. in my head #12, self care for zinesters, telegram #28, tragic boffin #6, your pretty face is going straight to hell #19.