hey kids, the distro will be temporarily closed until we’ve moved into our new house cos i’ve just gone and packed up the distro stock! you can still place an order if you wish, but they won’t be posted until we’re moved in and i’ve unpacked that box.

in the meantime if you have a hankering for some zines, i went though my personal zine collection the other week and i’ve got some (5) grab bags for sale. £4.50 inc P&P to UK each. each bag has 20+ zines (about 700g in weight) various subjects and genres/styles. you can purchase one buy sending us the £4.50 as a personal payment via paypal to vampiresushidistro@gmail.com (which i prefer cos fees) or buy using the button below.

ALL THE GRAB BAGS ARE GONE! (for now) and have been posted today. if you missed out, do not fret. i’ll probably have another few once i’ve finished my current to read pile..