hey hey hey we are going to be facilitating a zine making workshop at Southbank Centre this Saturday (11th October 2014) along with some other zine folks! below is the info from the southbank centre website:

Saturday 11 Oct 2014 12 noon – 4pm
The Clore Ballroom at Royal Festival Hall

What matters to you? What would you like to change? What inspires you?

In celebration of International Day of the Girl and London Literature Festival, come and explore feminism, activism and how words can change the world. Cut it all up and reassemble it in your very own fanzine.

This drop-in, free fanzine-making workshop is open to all ages, zine-lovers and novices alike.

Our workshop facilitators are:

For Books’ Sake – the feminist charitable organisation that champions writing by women. They empower women and girls to tell their stories and have their voices heard through publishing, workshops, events, online editorial and more.

Momtaz Begum-Hossain – journalist and crafter who began her career writing for zines when she was 12. She has written for several alternative and music fanzines and was Editor of a craftzine called Fete.

Vampire Sushi Distro – Tukru Dearest is a Finnish zinester with over 15 years of zine-making experience under her belt. She writes the long-running perzine Your Pretty Face Is Going Straight To Hell and runs Vampire Sushi Zine Distro.

Matt Boyce is a London-based comic artist whose work has appeared in many fanzines, magazines and anthologies. Boyce teaches comic book drawing and storyboarding courses at Citylit adult education college in Covent Garden, London. One the first stories Matt drew at the age of 6 was about a robot flying car, fighting an evil robot flying car in space. His work hasn’t changed much since then.

Danny Noble has been making thinly veiled autobiographical comics since 1997, and online picture blogs about life as a grubby modern (but not that modern) woman. In workshops Danny encourages people to not be too precious with drawing, but instead to concentrate on strong storylines.