we tabled at DIY cultures yesterday and it was good but very busy and a little overwhelming, so i was kind of absolutely knackered afterwards. still kind of am. anyway, i spoke to some newbie zinesters who asked for advice (honestly my advice is mainly just DO IT) and i wished i had managed to print more copies of the practical zine making guide minizine i made for the workshop i did at southbank centre last october as the minizine has a handy practical guide for making the flats for printing, which i think might be the trickiest bit to figure out, since you can make a zine about ANYTHING. so i thought i’d scan it and put it online for all to see and use if they need it. you can also download the guide as a printable pdf in mini zine form HERE or HERE. but i warn you it might not print 100% right cos margins 🙁

hope it’s helpful. now get making zines y’all!


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