this sunday we’ll be tabling at DIY CULTURES (facebook event, twitter) at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green, London. we were supposed to table there last year but had to cancel cos we were too busy packing for our big move. which sucked cos when we tabled at the first one in 2013, it was so good. i’m feeling a bit off (hay fever or a cold? can’t tell) but i’m not cancelling again. we’ve got a bunch of new stock with us too! i, tukru, just finished my new zine (your pretty face is going straight to hell #21, about that move that kept us from tabling last year, funnily enough) and we’ve had deliveries of several issues of telegram, here. in my head and hedgehog in the snow and hopefully some more will arrive saturday.. if not, there’s always northwest zine fest next week!

see you this sunday? maybe bring me coffee? (milk, 1 sugar. ha ha)