HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL. to get 2016 off to a good start,we’ve just been featured in the Guardian children’s book section?? oh my. (hello! *waves* if that’s how you’ve ended up here!)

in other news we are going to be at WEIRDO ZINE FEST @ diy space for london on sunday 31st January with all the other weirdos ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

weirdo zine fest

WEIRDO ZINE FEST – Sunday 31st January 2016 1pm – 5.30pm
DIY Space for London, 96-108 Ormside Street, SE15 1TF London

WEIRDO ZINE FEST is a new zine fair privileging radical and marginalised voices. Preference for tables will be given to women, queers, POC, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, intersex, disabled, working class and otherwise marginalised folks.

in preparation for WZF we’ve just ordered a bunch of awesome zines from the other side of the pond, and hopefully they’ll all arrive in time! keep your eyes peeled ♥ ♥