NEW IN STOCK: flourish #1, flourish #2, forever incomplete #4, here. in my head #17, motor city kitty #23, motor city kitty #24, motor city kitty #25, motor city kitty #26, motor city kitty #27, say hi and wave #1, say hi and wave #2, scratch that itch #5, sonorus #3, scorpio moon #1, tritch witch, your pretty face is going straight to hell #23, vampire sushi #6,  zinester’s retreat.

BACK IN STOCK: mythologising me #10, scratch that itch #3, scratch that itch #4, tempest in a teacup #7.

we came home from Weirdo Zine Fest with a bunch of new zines and some more of older ones! and we got some in the post beforehand too. actually not all of it has arrived yet *glares at overseas postage being so pricy and slow* but soon? anyway Weirdo Zine Fest was amazing *waves hello to everyone i saw there, and everyone i missed* hope there is another one some day. sadly we have no solid zine fest plans for the future, yet. (we are on the waiting list for Glasgow Zine Fest though.. fingers crossed someone can’t make it, we haven’t been to glasgow in approx forever = over a year)

as you may have noticed, we finally finished editing our birthday zine Vampire Sushi #6! turns out it’s extra hard when it’s 99% not by us. we had lots of awesome submissions, more than we really knew what to do with.