OH MY GOSH. we have so much new stuff from Weirdo Zine Fest and stuff we got in preparation for the zine fest (there was still a little bit left afterwards) and got some great zine back in stock too, and i made some nice prints and stickers you might like? i’ve also included things that were new since the last post like this.

NEW ZINES = the common cold, fanzine ynfytyn #23, fanzine ynfytyn #24, fanzine ynfytyn #28, just go on the pill, light light sleep #1, move under yr own power, opinionated nobody #9, opinionated nobody #9.5, poly/not poly, real life poly problems, thanks for your concern but that’s just my face, the unchosen ones, versions of violence, your pretty face is going straight to hell #23.5

BACK IN STOCK = hard femme #1, hard femme #2, hard femme #3, never kill a boy on the first date, your pretty face is going straight to hell #24/mythologising me #13.

NEW OTHER STUFF = cry baby a4 risograph print, it’s ok to not be amazing a4 risograph print, stay weird vinyl sticker, zinester knuckles vinyl sticker.

also, i know we’re already 2/3 into july, but here’s a little discount code to celebrate International Zine Month, get 7% off your order with the code IZM2017.