hi everyone! it’s been a while. we’ve been here for the last four months, just not been up to anything new and being bad at self promoting existing things (what else is new?)

on halloween it was the distro’s 8th birthday! but we didn’t do anything to celebrate, oops. is it too late to do like a birthday sale? if it is, i don’t care cos here’s one = you can have 8% off your order with the code OOPSL8BIRTHDAY until the end of november.

and in other news i finally got around to updating the website and sorting out this small pile zines i had sitting around waiting to be added on the website for an unspecified amount of time (lets not talk about how long that is…)

BACK IN STOCK: the unchosen ones.
kind of NEW IN STOCK but really BACK IN STOCK AFTER A LONG LONG TIME: feeling alone #1, feeling alone #2, milk and apples #3, on being unusual, summer survival, we are adventurers #1

in similar news i’m gonna get my shit together and get some more brand new exciting stock in soon i swear, keep your eyes peeled!