hello. it’s been a while since our last update. unfortunately life’s got in the way a bit (supposedly) and we still haven’t put the birthday compilation together. it will still be happening though, honest! hopefully next week?

but in the meantime here’s some ziney events this month! unfortunately we won’t personally be at either of them due to a combination of having to do the day job + not being able to afford travels. we had a table at future library but we had to cancel.. anyway, you should go though if you can!

Reading DIY Radical Zine Fair
saturday 12th december, 1pm til 6pm (gig afterwards)
at jacksons, 1-9 king’s road, READING, RG1 3AS

Future Library Publishing Fair
saturday 19th december, 2pm til 7pm
at Open School East, 43 De Beauvoir Road, LONDON, N1 5SQ

NEW IN STOCK = forever incomplete #3, here. in my head #16, sonorus #3
BACK IN STOCK = here. in my head #14, here. in my head #15, autoclave heart #2, autoclave heart #3.

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