phew! just finished a massive update of TWENTY EIGHT NEW ZINES. i’ve had a busy spring of zine fests (sheffield zine fest, london radical bookfair, and diy cultures) u was also supposed to be tabling at North West Zine Fest on june 18th but unfortunately i’ve had to pull out due to travel costs + being broke irl. u was super looking forward to it and not being able to go really sucks. you should go though if you can! it’ll be great!

in other news i’m having a little birthday sale until June 26th cos a) that’s my’s birthday (yay) and b) few days later, i’m off to finland for 2 weeks and won’t be filling any orders while out there eating all the ice cream and splashing around in a lake yay. so yeah, until june 26th you can have 10% off your order with the code KOTISEUDULLEPOHJOISKARJALAAN2016 (i’m sorry/notsorry i love long ridiculous discount codes of finnish phrases)


NEW IN STOCK: a whisper or a shout #1, autoclave heart #4, autoclave heart #5, cassandra petaghast is not my girlfriend, d & d virgin #1, d & d virgin #2, d & d virgin #3, fault & fracture #3, fault & fracture #2, fucked, 2 fucked 2 furious, gaun yersel, gone camping, mae danger #1 , mythologising me #11, opinionated nobody #8, our victory line #1, rum lad #5,  salutatorian #1, salutatorian #2, salutatorian #3, salutatorian #4, salutatorian #5, salutatorian #6, salutatorian #7, scorpio moon #2, telegram #39, tempest in a teacup #6, variation under nature. +++ a bunch of new 5″ x 7″ prints by tukru.





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