WE’LL BE AT SHEFFIELD ZINE FEST (facebook) (website) (map) THIS SATURDAY (25th february 2017) see you there, yeah?

Sorry we’ve been on the quiet side lately, so called real life has got in the way. 2016 was a year of many sassy and sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated or active in even things you love so much when life’s like that. also i got a new job in September that actually has me going to work most days, no more life of infinite broke af leisure. but im all settled in now and it’s Zine Fest Season. we’ll be back with a big old update of new zines sometime next week, promise. hope to see a bunch of y’all in Sheffield tomorrow.


xxxx tukru ?
(actually typing this up on the train to London. otherwise been so goddamn organised this morning, there had to be something i forgot, am i rite?)

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