we have some new zines in stock and some old faves back in stock. we had a sweet care package from maranda containing copies of issues 36 – 42 of telegram, and we also took delivery of the latest issue five of sonorus, everyone’s favourite feminist harry potter fanzine!

also, the zine workshop that was supposed to happen yesterday at intra was sadly cancelled last minute due to the weather (lousy smarch weather) and it has been rescheduled to Saturday 31st March. (facebook event page)

updating this at the moment is a huge pain in the butt as our computer decided to die on Thursday (just in time for drag race all stars finale. i still haven’t seen it and i’m not sure when i will at this rate, the struggle is incredibly real) and typing on my phone is not great and wordpress isn’t the easiest thing to navigate on a small screen. still can dispatch orders just fine, don’t you worry. hopefully we’ll get a new soon and things can get back to normal, whatever that is.

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