hi everyone, we’re in Manchester right now getting ready for Northwest Zine Fest tomorrow at the Partisan Collective.

Northwest Zine Fest
Sunday6th May, 12 – 5pm
Partisan Collective, 19 Cheetham Hill Road, M4 4FY Manchester

Website / Facebook Event

sorry this post is a bit late, it’s been quite the week, our internet broke at home and it’s not getting fixed til WEDNESDAY now (how will i cope) and trying to write these blog posts on my phone is kind of a nightmare, especially if i’m using my precious phone data instead of wi-fi. better late than never though, am I right? ANYWAY, for more info about Northwest Zine Fest please visit their website or the Facebook event cos sadly i can’t copy the darn text on my phone. i’ve still got some pricing and other distro prep to do before i can try to fall asleep on this sofa.

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