oh i think it’s that time of year again that we need to start doing something about a new issue of VAMPIRE SUSHI COMPILATION ZINE! october 31st (AND OUR FIFTH FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!!) will otherwise totally sneak up on us (it probably still will and panicked finishing of zine will ensue, on top of trying to figure out an awesome halloween costume.. i should have made this post about a month ago, really!)

so yes, after a couple of years break we are again looking for submissions! drawings, photographs, collages, embroidery, anything! also considering horror stories and reviews / articles of horror / spooky fantasy/sci-fi films / books / other media! the zine will be quarter size / a6 but your piece doesn’t have to be necessarily, we’re perfectly able to resize things on the photocopier.

the main theme is vampires but other monsters & horror creatures / themes are welcome too. anything related to twilight is not welcome, unless its taking the piss out of sparkly ‘vampires’. if you’re not sure if your idea / theme / subject fits, just ask us! the theme is super broad, as long as it’s spooky / halloweeny ♥ ♥ ♥

as before we’d especially love zinesters we distro to take part in this compilation.

♥ marceline the vampire queen / buffy / dracula / american horror story / the craft / sabrina the teenage witch / hocus pocus / ghostbusters etc etc etc fan doodle.
♥ review / article about your favourite horror film / vampire book / episode of buffy the vampire slayer / supposedly trashy (YA?) fantasy book series.
♥ your favourite / dream halloween outfit.
♥ tarot reading / spread for vampire sushi distro (done this before, would LOVE to do it again for this year if anyone would like to do it…)
♥ vampire / horror fan fic / original fiction.

DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 25TH 2014 DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TIL WEDNESDAY 29TH OCTOBER, (so we can get it finished/printed for halloween = our fifth birthday) but please please let us know if you will be submitting so we know to expect it and leave a space for 😉

for more info just ask in comments or email us at vampiresushidistro at

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