new-zinesi guess we kinda tend to hibernate in november/december time (daytime job in retail doesn’t help) and it takes the month of january to get back to normal? who knows.

first of all, we now have an instagram account = @vampiresushidistro if you wanna follow it for whatever reason. we’ll try to post pictures there of new stock and from zine events, could be fun! in other news, we finally managed to properly update the website with some new (& back in stock) zines that have been lingering in our stock box for a while, since the last zine fests and stuff.

NEW IN STOCK: hard femme #2, sonorus #2, vampire sushi V, working class queers #1.
BACK IN STOCK: hard femme #1, sonorus #1.

in zine fest news, it was announced last week that SHEFFIELD ZINE FEST is back on March 14th!! *does a happy dance* we’ve sent off our table application; fingers crossed, cannot wait! it was also announced that this years DIY CULTURES will be on 24th May at the Rich Mix in London. we’ve sent off our table application there too. i’m still gutted we couldn’t make it last year; we were just way too busy packing for our big move D:

Zine Fair Brighton is also coming up on 22nd February, but unfortunately we won’t be there cos a) we’re broke and despite brighton being very not that far, it’s an expensive pain to get to on public transport from chatham (have to go up to london and then come down again.) and b) we missed out on the tables anyway, they’re all gone now. but if you can get to brighton on 22nd, you should totally go! i’m sure it’ll be a good time. and speaking of zine fests we cant make it to…. InZine Fest III on 21st March in Coventry unfortunately we won’t make it there either due to £££, distance and the fact it’s too close to some other plans (sleater-kinney..) but once again, if you can get there, you should do it. no such thing as too many zine fests!

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