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10% OFF TIL SUNDAY (26th june)


oops i had completely forgotten to post this image here on the main page.. you can have 10% off until THIS SUNDAY (26th June) with the code KOTISEUDULLEPOHJOISKARJALAAN2016 or KESA2016 at check out, use whichever is easier for you. on monday we will be going on a wee break, cos i (tukru) am off to finland for 10 days and nothing will be posted while i’m away, so get your orders in right now, chop chop!


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phew! just finished a massive update of TWENTY EIGHT NEW ZINES. i’ve had a busy spring of zine fests (sheffield zine fest, london radical bookfair, and diy cultures) u was also supposed to be tabling at North West Zine Fest on june 18th but unfortunately i’ve had to pull out due to travel costs + being broke irl. u was super looking forward to it and not being able to go really sucks. you should go though if you can! it’ll be great!

in other news i’m having a little birthday sale until June 26th cos a) that’s my’s birthday (yay) and b) few days later, i’m off to finland for 2 weeks and won’t be filling any orders while out there eating all the ice cream and splashing around in a lake yay. so yeah, until june 26th you can have 10% off your order with the code KOTISEUDULLEPOHJOISKARJALAAN2016 (i’m sorry/notsorry i love long ridiculous discount codes of finnish phrases)


NEW IN STOCK: a whisper or a shout #1, autoclave heart #4, autoclave heart #5, cassandra petaghast is not my girlfriend, d & d virgin #1, d & d virgin #2, d & d virgin #3, fault & fracture #3, fault & fracture #2, fucked, 2 fucked 2 furious, gaun yersel, gone camping, mae danger #1 , mythologising me #11, opinionated nobody #8, our victory line #1, rum lad #5,  salutatorian #1, salutatorian #2, salutatorian #3, salutatorian #4, salutatorian #5, salutatorian #6, salutatorian #7, scorpio moon #2, telegram #39, tempest in a teacup #6, variation under nature. +++ a bunch of new 5″ x 7″ prints by tukru.





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we are tabling at THE LONDON RADICAL BOOKFAIR (fb event) (twitter) at goldsmith university this saturday!

we collected a bunch of new stock at Sheffield by the way. i’ll add them on the website next week after the book fair (if there’s anything left ha ha) but obviously if you are in south london this weekend, come and see us at the bookfair and you can have first dibs! much goodness. see you there?

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i’ve just updated the events page cos omg we have so many zine fests coming up. (day job is gonna love me yay)


to start with we’ve got SHEFFIELD ZINE FEST (fb event) (twitter) on april 30th in sheffield (well duh) it’s gonna be great cos it always is (we’ve been every single year so far and it’s always a blast)

then the saturday after i’ve got a table at THE LONDON RADICAL BOOKFAIR (fb event) (twitter) at goldsmith university.

we’ve got more coming up later in may (diy cultures) & june (northwest zinefest, hopefully) but will post about those later. there is also glasgow zine fest on may 1st, but we didnt get a table but to be honest, i dont think i couldve done both sheffield AND glasgow in one weekend anyway. too. much. megabus. in one go. so a blessing in disguise maybe?

in other news; BACK IN STOCK = TELEGRAM #37 A/B.

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hey just a quick easter sale = 10% off all orders weekend (til monday) with discount code KYOPELINVUORI

in case you’re confused / intrigued / wondering about the code, and why there’s a child dressed as an old lady (or a witch, cos that’s what that is supposed to be…) in the picture, you can read up on finnish easter traditions here & here.

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NEW IN STOCK: bitter feels: a non-binary femme affirmation zine, critical breakfast #1 / telegram #38, what is left: a zine about grief.

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NEW IN STOCK: flourish #1, flourish #2, forever incomplete #4, here. in my head #17, motor city kitty #23, motor city kitty #24, motor city kitty #25, motor city kitty #26, motor city kitty #27, say hi and wave #1, say hi and wave #2, scratch that itch #5, sonorus #3, scorpio moon #1, tritch witch, your pretty face is going straight to hell #23, vampire sushi #6,  zinester’s retreat.

BACK IN STOCK: mythologising me #10, scratch that itch #3, scratch that itch #4, tempest in a teacup #7.

we came home from Weirdo Zine Fest with a bunch of new zines and some more of older ones! and we got some in the post beforehand too. actually not all of it has arrived yet *glares at overseas postage being so pricy and slow* but soon? anyway Weirdo Zine Fest was amazing *waves hello to everyone i saw there, and everyone i missed* hope there is another one some day. sadly we have no solid zine fest plans for the future, yet. (we are on the waiting list for Glasgow Zine Fest though.. fingers crossed someone can’t make it, we haven’t been to glasgow in approx forever = over a year)

as you may have noticed, we finally finished editing our birthday zine Vampire Sushi #6! turns out it’s extra hard when it’s 99% not by us. we had lots of awesome submissions, more than we really knew what to do with.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL. to get 2016 off to a good start,we’ve just been featured in the Guardian children’s book section?? oh my. (hello! *waves* if that’s how you’ve ended up here!)

in other news we are going to be at WEIRDO ZINE FEST @ diy space for london on sunday 31st January with all the other weirdos ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

weirdo zine fest

WEIRDO ZINE FEST – Sunday 31st January 2016 1pm – 5.30pm
DIY Space for London, 96-108 Ormside Street, SE15 1TF London

WEIRDO ZINE FEST is a new zine fair privileging radical and marginalised voices. Preference for tables will be given to women, queers, POC, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, intersex, disabled, working class and otherwise marginalised folks.

in preparation for WZF we’ve just ordered a bunch of awesome zines from the other side of the pond, and hopefully they’ll all arrive in time! keep your eyes peeled ♥ ♥