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hey hey hey we are going to be facilitating a zine making workshop at Southbank Centre this Saturday (11th October 2014) along with some other zine folks! below is the info from the southbank centre website:

Saturday 11 Oct 2014 12 noon – 4pm
The Clore Ballroom at Royal Festival Hall

What matters to you? What would you like to change? What inspires you?

In celebration of International Day of the Girl and London Literature Festival, come and explore feminism, activism and how words can change the world. Cut it all up and reassemble it in your very own fanzine.

This drop-in, free fanzine-making workshop is open to all ages, zine-lovers and novices alike.

Our workshop facilitators are:

For Books’ Sake – the feminist charitable organisation that champions writing by women. They empower women and girls to tell their stories and have their voices heard through publishing, workshops, events, online editorial and more.

Momtaz Begum-Hossain – journalist and crafter who began her career writing for zines when she was 12. She has written for several alternative and music fanzines and was Editor of a craftzine called Fete.

Vampire Sushi Distro – Tukru Dearest is a Finnish zinester with over 15 years of zine-making experience under her belt. She writes the long-running perzine Your Pretty Face Is Going Straight To Hell and runs Vampire Sushi Zine Distro.

Matt Boyce is a London-based comic artist whose work has appeared in many fanzines, magazines and anthologies. Boyce teaches comic book drawing and storyboarding courses at Citylit adult education college in Covent Garden, London. One the first stories Matt drew at the age of 6 was about a robot flying car, fighting an evil robot flying car in space. His work hasn’t changed much since then.

Danny Noble has been making thinly veiled autobiographical comics since 1997, and online picture blogs about life as a grubby modern (but not that modern) woman. In workshops Danny encourages people to not be too precious with drawing, but instead to concentrate on strong storylines.

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oh i think it’s that time of year again that we need to start doing something about a new issue of VAMPIRE SUSHI COMPILATION ZINE! october 31st (AND OUR FIFTH FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!!) will otherwise totally sneak up on us (it probably still will and panicked finishing of zine will ensue, on top of trying to figure out an awesome halloween costume.. i should have made this post about a month ago, really!)

so yes, after a couple of years break we are again looking for submissions! drawings, photographs, collages, embroidery, anything! also considering horror stories and reviews / articles of horror / spooky fantasy/sci-fi films / books / other media! the zine will be quarter size / a6 but your piece doesn’t have to be necessarily, we’re perfectly able to resize things on the photocopier.

the main theme is vampires but other monsters & horror creatures / themes are welcome too. anything related to twilight is not welcome, unless its taking the piss out of sparkly ‘vampires’. if you’re not sure if your idea / theme / subject fits, just ask us! the theme is super broad, as long as it’s spooky / halloweeny ♥ ♥ ♥

as before we’d especially love zinesters we distro to take part in this compilation.

♥ marceline the vampire queen / buffy / dracula / american horror story / the craft / sabrina the teenage witch / hocus pocus / ghostbusters etc etc etc fan doodle.
♥ review / article about your favourite horror film / vampire book / episode of buffy the vampire slayer / supposedly trashy (YA?) fantasy book series.
♥ your favourite / dream halloween outfit.
♥ tarot reading / spread for vampire sushi distro (done this before, would LOVE to do it again for this year if anyone would like to do it…)
♥ vampire / horror fan fic / original fiction.

DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 25TH 2014 DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TIL WEDNESDAY 29TH OCTOBER, (so we can get it finished/printed for halloween = our fifth birthday) but please please let us know if you will be submitting so we know to expect it and leave a space for 😉

for more info just ask in comments or email us at vampiresushidistro at

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GRAB BAGS + updated zine descriptions ♥ ♥ ♥

we have been terribly quiet all summer. our deepest apologies! we’ve finally had a proper post move stock check, and even written some descriptions for the zines. about flipping time!

while unpacking we found a whole bag-for-life of old zines from tukru’s personal collection that we had meant to do grab bags of ages ago. (like a couple of years! we found the bag under the bed…) and the other day we finally sorted them out into FOUR grab bags:


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HELLO! we are back from holiday and finland! funnily enough while looking for something i needed for the trip, i found the distro stock. so the distro is open again and well, i’ll get the pending orders posted this week, promise. any problems i will let you know in the next few days.

this whole travelling malarky means that we’ve missed HALF OF INTERNATIONAL ZINE MONTH! darn! obviously we have missed zine distro appreciation day (day 3) but the lovely emma who writes hedgehog in the fog wrote a little lovenote about us (& marching stars) on their blog. thank you. we appreciate it ♥ ♥ ♥ anyway, to celebrate internation zine month there will be 14% off all orders when you use the discount code/coupon zinemonth14!IZMLIST2014LORES

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we’re all moved into our new home, however we are not fully unpacked (cos we have no shelves or wardrobe) and i have no idea which box has all the distro stock. we are going to finland on friday to attend tukru’s brother’s wedding and do stuff. so no orders will be processed until mid july at the earliest. once we’re back, we’re gonna get some shelves and then unpack. but until that has been do, NO ORDERS WILL BE PROCESSED.

unfortunately i haven’t been able to figure out a way to close the shop with this new system without losing all the info it has taken me approx forever to put in.

see you later kids. hope you have an excellent summer. we’ll be back soon enough!

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hey kids, the distro will be temporarily closed until we’ve moved into our new house cos i’ve just gone and packed up the distro stock! you can still place an order if you wish, but they won’t be posted until we’re moved in and i’ve unpacked that box.

in the meantime if you have a hankering for some zines, i went though my personal zine collection the other week and i’ve got some (5) grab bags for sale. £4.50 inc P&P to UK each. each bag has 20+ zines (about 700g in weight) various subjects and genres/styles. you can purchase one buy sending us the £4.50 as a personal payment via paypal to (which i prefer cos fees) or buy using the button below.

ALL THE GRAB BAGS ARE GONE! (for now) and have been posted today. if you missed out, do not fret. i’ll probably have another few once i’ve finished my current to read pile..

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it seems i really wasn’t kidding when i said we’d have lots of new zines after all that zine festing in yorkshire! the distro is now all updated with new stuff and all that ♥ ♥ ♥


NEW IN STOCK: athemaura #8, dancing in the dark, hedgehog in the fog #4, lady teeth #2, lady teeth #3 / your secretary #15, me and bruce #1, me and bruce (and my dad) #2, mythologising me #6.5, mythologising me #7, not lonely #7 / hedgehog in the fog #6, not lonely #8 / mythologising me #8, opinionated nobody #5, opinionated nobody #6, opinionated nobody on turning thirty, telegram #32, telegram #33, tempest in a tea cup #6, unblissfully #2, your pretty face is going straight to hell #20

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hurrah, excellent zine festing coming up next weekend in yorkshire, we’ll be at both sheffield AND leeds with our magical zine wares. we’ve also got some new zines coming from across the pond, hopefully they will arrive before i hop the megabus on thursday (making the most of it since i dont work thursdays or fridays these days! and all i got to see of sheffield last year was venues & transport.. didn’t even get a chance to buy a bottle of hendo’s to bring down south..)

hopefully i’ll see in yorkshire? i’ve been to both sheffield and leeds zine fests with the distro before and both were excellent and i’m so glad they’ve decided to band together and make a big weekend of it!


Sheffield Zine Fest 2014
Saturday 17th March 2014, 11am – 6pm – Free Entry
Electric Works, 3 Concourse Way, Sheffield, S1 2BJ

facebook event ♥ ♥ ♥ website

Leeds Zine Fair 2014
Sunday 16th March 2014, 11am – 6pm – Free Entry
Wharf Chambers, 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ.

facebook event ♥ ♥ ♥ website