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QUEER ZINE FEST WAS AWESOME. and of course we now have some new stock!

ZINESTERGRAMS OF NEW STOCK /// TUKRU’S ZINE FEST HAUL, all these are on our reading list and for sure at least some of them will be in our catalogue soon enough!

NEW STOCK: feeling alone #1, feeling alone #2, here. in my head #13, imaginary windows #4, imaginary windows #6, milk and apples #1, milk and apples #2, milk and apples #3, we are adventures. + some art prints by tukru in the misc category!
BACK IN STOCK: agua pura, here. in my head #12.

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it’s almost time for our favourite time of year = QUEER ZINE FEST LONDON! it’s hitting town on sunday 1st december. more information at the facebook event. it’s gonna be epic. so many awesome zinesters around and so many of them have / are going to have new zines out then! so we shall be coming back with lots of new zine stock, so if you can’t make it, you’ll be able to find some of the best bits here soon after 😉


AND we’ve got some seriously awesome zines already in. like MORE new issues of telegram (does maranda ever stop writing? either way, please don’t stop!) zine comeback’s from L in the form of japanese whispers (a travel zine about.. you guessed it, japan!) and a new perzine called unblissfully. AND much to my pleasure a big pack of the triumph of our tired eyes #3 arrived at oxfam from amber. HURRAH! i have been looking forward to this zine so much.


NEW ZINES IN STOCK: japanese whispers, unblissfully #1, telegram #30, telegram #31, the triumph of our tired eyes #3..

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actually, it is our birthday today! vampire sushi distro has been open for business for exactly four years today! so we are having a wee sale to celebrate (since we failed at doing a comp zine, again. whoops)


so yes, it is 20% off all orders with code HAPPY4THBIRTHDAY. valid until sunday 3rd november. we’ve also got some new zines in stock! but for now, we are off to the sofa to watch the shining. (tukru isn’t 100% sure anymore whether she has actually seen the whole thing or just seen lots of bits on clip shows. if she has, it was like 15 years ago so it’s excusable that she’s forgotten..)

ps. if you’re in kent (or can be arsed to hop a train / drive down/up) you should get your butt over to canterbury on saturday, cos tukru’s band SEAN BEAN DEATH SCENE is playing at West Track Studios (Roper Road, CT2 7EX) with shopping, family outing & daskinsey4. (facebook event) by the looks of it, it is their last gig til next year.

NEW IN STOCK: poor lass #1, poor lass #2, sonorus #1.

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new zines from maranda elizabeth <3

we got an exciting packet in the post yesterday from one of our favourite zinesters, professional weirdo and generally a good friend, maranda elizabeth!

telegramragdoll house

(sorry kids, but the 2nd one is just for me. the shipping costs for getting books for the distro from across the pond is just too much. you can get your own from a bunch other of places listed on maranda’s website)

in other news, cannae wait to get out next sunday to Autumn Zine Fest in Kingston. it has been far too long. also read a few excellent new zines this week we are just going to have to distro soon. so more we has coming soon!

NEW ZINES IN STOCK: little acorns #6, little acorns #7, telegram #29.

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hi kids! big news! well. we’ve had a big overhaul here at vampire sushi and updated the shop system. changed from opencart to woocommerce, if anyone cares about such nerdy technical details. just figuring out all the kinks of a new system, so any problems please let us know!

we’ve got some new zines too. and some events we’ll be at to add to your diary. next of which is AUTUMN ZINE FEST at the fighting cocks in kingston-on-thames (south west greater london) on sunday 20th october. it’ll be good times. it’s been way too long since we’ve been to a zine fest! if you’re organizing anything ziney and we haven’t applied, do let us know! even if we can’t make it, we’ll help you spread the word and post about it somewhere (here or on our tumblr or twitter)


NEW ZINES IN STOCK: here. in my head #12, self care for zinesters, telegram #28, tragic boffin #6, your pretty face is going straight to hell #19.