OUT IN THE STICKS #1 – becoming a drummer


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jaca freer & jade mars – uk
42 pages – half size

this first issue of out in the sticks is about becoming a drummer and it features interviews with 14 drummers from the UK queer / feminist / DIY music zine. in this issue each interviewiee talks in details about how they became drummers, their influences and inspirations, and how they approach learning, practicing and playing in a band. the zine also has links to to helpful resources for if you’re interest in becoming a drummer yourself. this issue includes interviews with:

Aimee Smith (Viva Zapata, Pokemon Liberation Army)
Alice Moon (Screaming Toenail)
Beverly Ishmael (The Tuts)
Christabel Williams (Wolf Girl, Suggested Friends)
Dorothy Spencer
Emily Witham (Fight Rosa Right!, Kelso)
Estella Adeyeri (Dirtygirl, Junk)
Flo Crossed (Jesus & His Judgemental Father, FOMO)
Gem Prout (Crumbs)
Kate Salt (Mortgage, Crushing)
Lauren Coldwell (Life! Death! Prizes!)
Phoebe Cross (Happy Accidents)
Sofia Niazi
Sophelita Lawton (Little Fists)

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